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About the Legal side of things.


Inscription and the scribe hereby excludes all liability for the accuracy of any information or data held on this site or in its database.

Inscription and the scribe reserve the right to refuse any submission to the site. A reason for the refusal may be given but further discussion will not be entered into. Any decision made by the scribe will be final.

All submissions must be in English. Other languages will be implemented in the future but, at this time, the Scribe is not able to check submissions in any other language.

The scribe will endeavour to record all information as accurately as possible. He or Inscription will not be held responsible for any omissions or errors, he or Inscription will also not be held responsible for any harm or consequential losses caused by the omissions/errors howsoever caused. If you discover any errors or omissions please get in touch with the scribe and he will do his best to correct them.

As with any newspaper 'In memoriam' column, the Inscription site is open to abuse by the small minority of people who, for their own reasons, submit false or misleading information. The scribe or Inscription will not be held responsible, in any way, for anything false, misleading, harmful or offending being used on this site. He or Inscription will also not be held responsible for any harm (physical or mental) or consequential losses caused by the submission in question. If you consider anything on this site is misrepresenting anyone, or is harmful or offending in any way, then please get in touch with the scribe and he will try to correct the error in question.

The scribe reserves the right to remove any inscription thought to be harmful or offending. The reason behind the removal will be open to discussion but any decision made by the scribe is final. If the submission is removed because of objectionable content within six months then a whole or partial refund, depending on the circumstances, may be made.

Although the intention is to keep the memorials online 24hrs a day 365 days a year, it is possible that, due to circumstances beyond the scribes control, they may not be available to view at some times. Inscription uses one of the most reliable webspace providers available in the U.K. and so this downtime will, hopefully, be kept to an absolute minimum. If you ever find you cannot view your loved ones memorial, try again in an hour or so. If it still cannot be viewed please contact the scribe and he will investigate the matter.

The site hosting company used by Inscription is understood to back-up the database to tape every 24 hrs. The scribe will also keep the text and pictures sent to him on a separate backup. However, the scribe or Inscription will not be held responsible for any loss or corruption of data, howsoever caused.

Inscription is in many ways just like a newspapers 'in memoriam' column. You pay for your memorial to be shown for a certain amount of time. In the case of Inscription, this is a period of six months. However, unlike most other 'memorial' websites, after the purchased time is up, your memorial will still be held online, indefinitely, COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE.

At present Memorial Plaques are hosted free of charge. In case of any problems with the volume of plaques being created encroaching on the quality of service to others, the Scribe reserves the right to charge any new plaque creators a small one-off nominal fee for hosting.

The scribe intends to keep all the inscriptions in the database for ever. However, with advances in technology and changes in the way the web looks and functions, the format of the data may be changed at some point in the future to accommodate this.

When, at some point in the future, the scribe cannot carry on with the work demanded of him by the Inscription site or at his death, the site will be passed onto a new scribe to continue the work. If at some point in the future no-one can be found who wishes to run (or is deemed not capable of running) the service then all the data collected will be converted to pure HTML and moved onto some available freespace. Some loss of functionality may occur but the memorial will still be available to view for future generations.


By submitting anything to this site you are agreeing that:

Remember, inscribing a memorial is a very serious matter. Be VERY aware, any misuse of Inscription in any way (especially, but not limited to, malicious or libelous use) may result in a personal criminal prosecution against you. The scribe and Inscription will work closely with any police force investigating harmful or misleading submissions.


In various places on the Inscription website are hyperlinks to other sites that, at the time of writing, were believed to be of interest for visitors to Inscription. As they are third party websites, the scribe and Inscription have no control over them. The scribe and Inscription make no guarantees to the accuracy, reliability or validity of the data contained in these sites. If you have a serious problem with any of the linked sites then please contact the problem site directly. You may also contact the scribe and he will investigate the validity of the hyperlink to the site in question.


The scribe or Inscription will not be held responsible in any way for the content of any information or messages that are posted on the guestbook, message boards or chat rooms on the Inscription site. If you find anything objectionable in any of these places then please inform the scribe at once and he will investigate the matter.


To enter an Inscription you will be asked for various pieces of information including your e-mail address. This information is stored but will never be sold or given to anyone. However, the information may be surrendered to the police if they are investigating you, concerning malicious use of this site. You may receive, very occasionally, mail from inscription about new additions to the site, but included in every mail will be instructions on how to remove yourself from this low bulk list. Occasionally members of the public (perhaps long lost relatives or people moved by your loved ones life story) may request your e-mail address. In such circumstances you will be contacted to give your express consent before the scribe will give this information away.

Credit Cards:

At the moment credit cards are not accepted on the Inscription site. We are currently looking for an easy, low cost and above all secure solution to this problem.

Copyright notice:

All design of this website is (c)2000-2013 by The Scribe. If you would like to use any of the graphics on this site then please contact the scribe. If you would like to use any part of any Inscription on this site then contact the scribe and he will contact the relevant people for permission. All poems etc. have been submitted by the public and are assumed to be in the public domain, if you own copyright on the poem etc and wish its removal from the database please e-mail the scribe and he will remove it straight away.


Inscription and the scribe reserve the right to change any part of the terms of use and / or this website at any time.




All design, coding and artwork on this site is (c)2000-2013 by  the scribe