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About the scribe

I, like most people, have been touched by grief in my life.

The hole left in your life by the loss of someone close can never be filled, but it can be made easier to live with by talking to others and sharing with them the story of your loved ones life.

As a great man once said, "No-one truly dies while others talk of them."

I am dedicated to recording this information for posterity and for our descendants. I am committed to keeping this project running forever. After I write my own name on this site, (or someone else does it for me) then the torch will be passed to a new scribe, who will continue the work, and so on. If at some point in the future no-one wishes to run the service, then all the data collected will be moved onto freespace. Although the site will lose functionality (e.g. no-one will be able to add any more inscription to it) the messages will be available for all to see, for good.




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