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Why use Inscription?

Inscription is not the only memorial service on the Internet but it is the best and for the following very good reasons:

Not just a memorial site

For the sake of speed and clarity in most of the Internet search directories (and, indeed, even on this site itself), Inscription is described as a 'memorial' site. The scribe doesn't like to use this term however and thinks of Inscription more as a 'Celebration' site. A wise man once said

"....celebration is a trifle bizarre and yes, it takes a little getting used to. I can only speak from personal experience but in the case of people that I have lost, I am very sad that they have gone and annoyed there is nothing I can do to bring them back. But at the same time I am just so happy that I shared a part of their life, for however short a time. Their different personalities changed my own and experiences shared with them have shaped my whole world. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of them and along with the sadness, celebrate the joy they brought into my own life......."

Ease of use

Inscription has been designed and then redesigned and then redesigned again. The scribe has tried to make everything from navigation, to searching, to submitting a poem, as easy to use as possible. If there is something that you think could be made easier then please send it to him here.

Price and memorial time

The scribe has done a lot of research into the other memorial sites on the web and was shocked to discover that some charge up to $1000 for a six month memorial. This is an outrage. There is no reason why this service cannot be offered for a SMALL nominal fee. Also after the six months is up there is no reason why the memorial cannot be held on the database indefinitely.
There are some free memorial sites, usually paid for by banner adverts, these are usually small sites with few things to offer the general public. There is also no guarantee that they will be here tomorrow. People use them at their own risk.

Unbiased theology

Some memorial sites are too busy trying to push their own theological beliefs. If you or the person you are creating an inscription for is strongly religious then that is fine, go ahead and show that in your inscription. Inscription however will never show any bias toward, or prejudice against, any particular religion, belief system etc.

No musak

(unless you want it)
One of the most annoying things on the Internet is unwanted background music. The majority of memorial sites have this playing as you are viewing the site. Also a lot of them don't even give you an option to turn the music off. This is unacceptable. If you want music to be played in an Inscription then that is of course possible, but there will always be an option to turn it off.

Because the site is yours

Last but certainly not least, people should use Inscription because the site will evolve the way everyone wants it to. Since its launch there has been numerous suggestions that have been put into effect. The guestbook, different views, virtual candles etc. All have been put into place because of suggestions by YOU, the users of Inscription. Keep all of your ideas coming, the scribe can't promise to implement them all, but he'll certainly try.




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