Welcome to Inscription, today, Sunday the 27th of May 2018.

I am the scribe, your guide to this place and penman of the Inscription archive book. This place on the World Wide Web will soon be filled with many different ways of celebrating the life of a loved one that you may have lost. There will be information on grief, loss and where to get help and a message board where people can exchange stories, experiences and words of comfort. There will be different things to check out on this site daily, so why not and don't be afraid to keep popping back for a look around. As poetry helps a lot of people in this situation why not check out todays daily poem here.

A great deal of people have asked to be regularly informed of developments on the site. With this is mind you can now receive our free monthly newsletter. It's a great, easy and quick way to keep in touch with everything that's going here on the Inscription site (and unlike some sites, your e-mail address will never be sold or given to anyone else.)

You can now create a Unique Individual Memorial Plaque for free at inscription click here for details

My main job here is to inscribe in these pages a loved ones life story. Most people only write this story when a loved one has recently passed away. Some will call it a memorial or an epitaph, but in reality it is much more than that. The WWW has created the opportunity to gather these stories from around the globe and create the ultimate in online Inscriptions. Each story may contain pictures, videos or sound clips of your loved ones.

To coin a phrase "No-one truly dies as long as someone remembers them". This site offers a way of sharing your loved ones life story and experiences with everyone on the planet. Many people yearn for immortality; leaving your loved ones story in these pages is one of the closest things to immortality anyone can offer you.

For some, if you have recently suffered the loss of someone close , there is nothing more 'healing' than to share your story with others.

If you have a time-limiting disease yourself then perhaps you would like to leave a message for the world to read at the appropriate time. There is no better place where you can leave your mark

Although you must pay for the first six months, unlike other 'Memorial Services', the scribe intends to keep your loved ones story on file for ever. Any new changes of technology or changes to the way the WWW works will be embraced and adopted by Inscription. Imagine a hundred years in the future, the Inscription archives will have all the information to hand for future historians or for anyone else with an interest.

Whatever you do, stay for a while. Collect your thoughts, read the poetry and maybe share with us a story that you think should be among the Inscription archives.

the scribe




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