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It's easy.... create an individual Virtual Memorial Plaque for FREE with Inscription.

What is a Virtual Memorial Plaque?

Put simply, it's a small testament to the memory of a departed loved one. An example of one is shown below.
These plaques are virtual - they only exist on the internet.

  Example Memorial Plaque

What do you mean by individual?

At launch you could pick from 136 different looks and more will be added as and when we can. Also using the drop down text boxes nearly 5000 individual memorials that can be created without having to think up your own wording.

How much will it cost me to create one?

With Inscription this exclusive and very special memorial will cost you Absolutely Nothing.

Ok then, how much to keep it online?

I know it's a strange concept in this day and age, but this memorial will cost you Nothing to create and Nothing to keep online. Some sites will sell your e-mail address to make their money, or have hidden agreements that you will end up paying for it in some way. We don't. Honestly, the Memorial Plaques are absolutely free.

Well, how long will it stay online?

Some sites may keep a 20 word 'Obit' online for 30 days. Our intent is to keep your memorial online Forever. Even if the unthinkable happened to the Inscription site your memorial would be moved onto some freespace and would still be available to see.

I found the memorial plaque to be so fantastic I want to help Inscription out, do you accept donations?

We'd be crazy not to. If, and only if, you are absolutely sure that you would like to help out the very best, non-profit making, memorial site on the net then please feel free to send a cheque to the address on the contacts page. ;-)

Do you use cookies?

Yes, the plaque creation system uses a very small text file to pass information about your plaque onto the database. All cookie data is then destroyed.

What's the catch?

There isn't one. See for yourself and celebrate a loved ones life by creating one today.

View the Memorial plaque wall
Create a Memorial plaque
Read the instructions first




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